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PYLUSD Libraries

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 6 months ago

 This page is designed to help coordinate the EOS log-ins.  Please see the chart below and answer the question regarding the log-ins at your school. If you have concerns, please call me.


EOS has given us 43 official log-ins, and we are using way more than that (I'm estimating). We need to bring it down. I would hate for them to come back at some point in time and tell us we owe $300 per month for each that we are over... that is what they say each log-in costs to add. 



# of log in names  log in name used most often School  If we have to reduce your log in user   names, name the essential log in(s) and the ones we can cut
 1  bernardo Bernardo Yorba  Have only ever used bernardo
 1  brookhaven Brookhaven  only one
 2  bryantranch Bryant Ranch  I also use bryimport.  Can cut bryvolunteer
 1 elcamino  El Camino Only one that I use
 1  eldorado El Dorado  this is the only one we use
 1  esperanza Esperanza  only one
 1  fairmont Fairmont  this is the only one
   glenknoll Glenknoll  only one we use
 1  Glenview Glenview  only one used
 1  golden Golden  only one we use--may have been others
 1  kraemer Kraemer MS  
 1  lakeview Lakeview  this is the only one we use
 1  lindavista Linda Vista  only one used
 1  mabelpaine Mabel Paine  
 1  melrose Melrose  only one used
 1  riovista Rio Vista  This is the only one we use. Okay to delete any others.
 1  RoseDrive Rose Drive  This is the only one we use(or know about)
    Ruby Drive  
    Sierra Vista  
 1  topaz Topaz   only one I use
 1  travis Travis Ranch  only one I use
 2  tuffree Tuffree  
 1 tynes  Tynes This is the only one I use
3  valencia Valencia  valencia-- cut valstudent


  Van Buren  


 wagner Wagner Never use Wagner Import only Wag. Circ. Desk
         1 yorbalinda Yorba Linda Middle  use circ desk,I deleted the rest

Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 5:01 pm on Feb 26, 2008

"kraemer" is the only log in I am aware of and the only one I have used since I've been here. I went to Maintenance to see if I could find an official list of our log-ins (it seems to me I've seen something like that before) but I couldn't find it. So, is there a list like that? Where?

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